First Lady Beech

First Lady Beech

 First Lady Christine Beech works diligently in the service of the Lord with her husband, Pastor A. J. Beech. She is also the loving mother of four children, and the spiritual mother of many.


 First Lady Christine Beech was born and raised in Boston, Ma.  Her parents taught her as a child to become and remain the Virtuous Woman of God she is today.


 While in Prayer, God spoke to her to empower women for God, thus First Lady Christine Beech founded the Women of Praise/Women of Power Ministry of Greater Anointing Harvest Church. Women of Praise/Women of Power ministers to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of women in the body of Christ.


 She believes that in order to serve God, we must also learn to serve one another. First Lady Christine Beech is well known for her cheerful spirit, love for God, and her willingness to worship.  She has a heart for children and young adults. She is also a leader who is lead by the Spirit of God and understands that without the Spirit of God, we cannot make the right decisions in our lives.


 First Lady Christine Beech is a firm believer in the power of Prayer. She is devoted and dedicated to leading the Morning Prayer service every Saturday at 7:00 am to demonstrate the power of God in her life. Aside from her prayer ministry, God has also called her to a higher place of service.  She preaches the Gospel in her husband's absence and enjoys spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  Her daily prayer is for God to use her to impact, invest and make a difference in the lives of Gods people both young and old.



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