Does the God who made us “relationship creatures” provide an alternative to the gangs, drugs, peer pressure, and hang out places of the world where you will get in trouble? Wouldn’t Jesus who created our need for others also create a place for that need to be met?


By God’s design, we have a need be involved in something. What do our young people do when they need to gather to support, nourish and protect each other? In a few words, they get connected and involved in GAHC Youth Ministry!!


The Greater Anointing Harvest Church Youth Ministry is a place where our young people can get connected - a place where they can be greeted by name, cared for, loved, listened to, a place where they can have fun, meet and make lots of friends, a place that is just for them, and a place that they can call their home away from home.


The Youth Ministry is open to all youth regardless of their status. If you are NOT baptized, you are welcome. If you are popular, cool, in the in crowd, or not too popular, not cool, not in the in crowd, you are welcome too!


EVERYONE is welcome!


Our Youth Ministry is a place where you will not feel like you are in the “wrong place”. It is a place where we learn about our faith, have fun together and serve each other because Jesus wants us to!


There is a place for you here! You are welcome and you are loved!