You will be welcomed.

Walking into a new church, or a new denomination, can be an intimidating experience. However, everyone is welcome to worship with us at the Greater Anointing Harvest Church. To make things a bit easier for you, we offer this brief introduction of what newcomers might expect. If you have questions during the service, feel free to ask someone nearby or one of the ushers at the back of the church.


The Act of Worship
Greater Anointing Harvest Church services are empowering. As you enter the church, you’ll be greeted by a greeter or an usher and be given a service program which will guide you through the service, containing anouncements, upcoming events, service times, and the order of service. You will be guided by the usher to an available seat.  Generally, we stand to sing; prayers are said standing ; we stand to hear the Gospel and generally sit to hear the other readings. The usher will also give you a tithes and offering envelope along with a  bible. You can read from the bible or you can read the scriptures and the words to songs on the projector. The projector is used to make following the services easier, especially for newcomers.


The main service at the Greater Anointing Harvest Church is the 11:30 AM service on Sunday morning. There is organ music, keyboard, guitar, and drums accompanied by the Praise and Worship Team to lead us into worship. After this service, there are always snacks, food, and drinks available in the dinning area.


Coming and Going
When you visit the Greater Anointing Harvest Church, you will be a respected and welcomed guest. We will acknowledge your presence during service as we welcome you however, you will not be singled out in any other way nor asked to come forward before the congregation . You will simply be part of our family as we worship God.

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